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"Hilkka consistently delivers a solid contribution to Kokema Design and I would highly recommend her to any other potential customers of FREDA Accounting Oy."

- Sabina Dontcheff, Partner, Kokema Design Oy

Kokema Design Oy

Kokema Design Oy on Helsingissä toimiva tilasuunnitteluun keskittyvä suunnittelutoimisto. Yrityksessä suunnitellaan niin julkisia kuin yksityisiä kohteita ja hanke voidaan toteuttaa osissa tai kokonaisuudessaan aina ideointivaiheesta projektiorganisointiin.

- Hilkka Salo from FREDA Accounting Oy has been handling well and properly all our records. She communicates clearly and concisely, using appropriate level of detail, terminology and style. On several occasions, she has given us good advice also on the business side, said Kokema Design's partner Sabina Dontcheff.

- Hilkka balances and prioritizes activities to make sure critical items are addressed. She goes beyond immediate requests to ensure both own and related tasks are completed as well as sustains high level of focus, effort and energy when needed, Dontcheff added.

- Based on her friendly and positive personality Hilkka has built a trustful relationship with all our people. She proactively follows up on misunderstandings & critical issue and remains calm and focused when under pressure.

Kokema Designin taloushallintoa hoitaa Talousverkko Helsinki-Kampin toimisto.

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